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Dogging Wife Swappers - Swinging Doggin Outdoor Public Sex!

Many of the members of wife swap do or will have partaken in the latest, predominately UK, phenomenon of dogging sex.

Essentially dogging is sex in public places, that take's place between swapping and swinging couples and single guys, although there is a growing number of single women getting in on the act as well.

Much of the action has been prearranged in the forums and the chatrooms of the site, with couples and singles agreeing on a location and a time to meet.

However, you will often find couples turning up at known dogging locations around the UK with the sole intent on having a one night stand with whom ever they find waiting. Much of the action that takes place is bareback sex, but you will find some couples that insist on the use of condoms.

We would always suggest asking the people you are going dogging with what their preferred option is prior to engaging in any full swap outdoor doggin sex.

Register your free dogging sex advert now and search for dogging couples in your neck of the woods, start chatting to other dogging singles and couples in the chatroom and find out what's going on in the dogging tonight forum!

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