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First Time Swappers Go For Interracial Fuck Fun!

Swinging and swapping isn't just for the over 30's - Paul and Charlotte we're just 18 when they first swapped with their black housemates for some interracial fun!!

When I was 18, I enrolled in a fine arts school in North London, and soon fell madly for a redhead from Berkshire. Luckily she felt the same, and within a few months we were married, you know what it's like when you're young and in love lol.

In order to save money, we ended up sharing a flat with a black couple, Andy and Jan. Andy was a large man who looked like an African Adonis, and his wife was quiet, small, and as attractive as any woman I've seen.

Well, one thing my Charlotte and I had decided before we married was that we wouldn't stay in lockstep if we found someone to have a bit of fun with, so long as we always went home with the one what brung us to the dance. So I looked at Jan and considered, and I know Char looked at Andy and wondered if it was true about men with big hands. And we were sure they were considering us as well.

After a month or so the sexual tension in the flat was thick enough to cut with a knife. One evening when Andy and I were alone watching the telly, I decided I'd had enough and said to him, 'All right. As I see it we're all about to explode, so why don't we get on with it?'

He looked at me for a long moment and then nodded. 'You'll find she takes her bath at eight.'

'All right then. I daresay you'll find Char studying in the bedroom round that time.'

He grinned. Oh yes, this would be a memorable evening!

That night as I heard the bath running, I slipped into the steamy bathroom and found myself gazing blissfully at a softly-rounded ebony bottom. Without even looking at me Jan turned off the tap and said, 'I love my bath, but I hate to waste the water without a reason. Care to give me a reason?'

I slipped out of my boxers and stepped forward, my reason in hand. 'Of course, love,' I whispered, as I turned her round, bent her over and nestled my cock into the furred groove between her thighs.

It was the first time I'd ever fucked a black girl and I was very eager, but I slid carefully into her without haste, and grasped her hips tightly as she grabbed the edge of the bathtub.

To my amazement, she felt as tight as the oiled finger of a glove. I pulled out and rammed it home and she squeaked in pleasure, and then I lost it, bucking madly as a boy just losing his cherry. Fortunately I didnít embarrass myself as I had when I'd been that boy, and so lasted a respectable ten minutes or so before I filled her with my special cream. As I pulled out she wriggled her bottom and said in her musical voice, 'Oh, not bad for a white boy. I think you'll do.'

By the time I left the bathroom, exhausted, Andy and my wife had done with their swap, and sat happily and fully clothed side by side and watching the telly. That was our introduction to the joy of swinging, and a full ten years later we still meet up with Andy and Jan regularly, infact, they put an ad on here since we recommended it and they've met another couple they'd like us to meet next time we get together - bonus!

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