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Soft Swapping Sex At A Private Pool Party!

Soft swapping is just as much fun as full swap - Julian tell's us below about some of the fun he and his wife had had with their regular fuck buddies!

If there's such a thing as a monogamous swinger, I suppose my wife and I fit in that category!

This isn't quite the oddity it sounds, though we've never met another swinging couple quite like us. You see, we're happy to get sexy with our friends -- as long as it doesn't go too far. To Penny and I, "too far" means penetration. My cock belongs only to her pussy and vice-versa; she made that very clear on our wedding night.

With her being a dark chocolate lovely hailing from West Africa, she holds some ideas about sex that many a Briton would find quaint and old fashioned, and whilst we get invited to a lot of interracial events, it's never really appealed to her.

That doesn't mean, however, that we pass by the chance to "do the do-si-do" with spouses other than our own. We have, in fact, had some hot, steamy times, both together and apart.

Our next-door neighbours are probably our favourite partners. They know of our peculiarities and don't mind. Last week, for example, we had a pool party and it wasn't long before Fred's Madge was kneeling before me, sucking my cock. Penny had started in on Fred too, but with her patented foot fuck, as I call it.

She had his six inches out of his bathing trunks and was massaging it vigorously between her feet as she lounged next to him in a deck chair, managing as effectively as most gals can with their hands.

As I got my own needs serviced (and Madge is quite good at that) I watched as the wife took care of my friend Fred. She could have had him coming from the "foot job" in moments but decided to savor the experience for a bit and have some enjoyment of her own. They were in the midst of a searing hot 69 a few minutes later when I shot my burning load into Madge's mouth. I then lay her back on a chair and spent a good ten minutes lapping at her blonde-furred puss before she had her come and I came up for air.

By then my pal Fred was fit to burst so the wife offered him the closest thing she could to her cunt or ass: her nicely rounded, deep-brown breasts. She lubed up his cock with saliva and, while she lay back, he pushed her tits into one large mound and drove his cock into the fleshy cleft between. Needless to say, by then she'd worked him over sufficiently that he exploded all over her face in less than a minute, and we all had a good laugh.

Having come once, we boys were set for a long-lasting second round, and so we went after it with a vengeance, licking and sucking our way toward the main event. At that point, we switched back: I returned to Penny and Freddie to Madge.

We put our wives down on hands and knees facing each other and each man urgently entered his girl from behind.

What a treat, fucking your true love while you watch your friend fuck his! It just makes for a particularly satisfying sexual sensation, like nothing I have ever experienced before. Penny and I came noisily together, admittedly a bit earlier than Fred and Madge, and we got to watch them enjoy their mutual orgasm a bit later. Beautiful!

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